Echomed was founded on 1985 and specializes in diagnostic Ultrasound examinations. Since 1985, Echomed has been continuously enriching its diagnostic arsenal with novel diagnostic applications (i.e., Elastography) and US guided interventional procedures (i.e., prostate biopsies). Today, the examinations and procedures offered by Echomed may practically cover the entire human body and ensure reliable, reproducible, radiation-free, and fast characterization of human organs and tissues.

Mission and Vision

Echomed’s main mission is to provide the best possible quality of Healthcare services. Echomed’s vision includes bridging the gap between technological innovations and clinical Ultrasound applications.

Both Ultrasonography and Elastography play an important role in the preventive diagnostic examination of most organs of the human body, by providing accurate and reproducible information. Echomed invests in Ultrasound technological innovations, as well as in research and continuous education, to provide the best possible quality of Healthcare services.

Quality of Services

Echomed has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification in the following fields:

  • Providing preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutical Ultrasound examinations
  • Producing scientific and research material in the filed of medical imaging and Ultrasonography

The ISO 9001:2015 standardization ensures Echomed’s smooth operation, effectiveness, and efficiency by defining and continuously improving the company’s processes. The standardization also ensures that Echomed remains committed to its mission. The Echomed management team remains committed to quality standards and to continuous improvement of the services provided.


The Echomed medical and research teams are always up to date to the latest Ultrasound technological innovations. Moreover, Echomed actively participates in research activities that contribute to the improvement of current Ultrasound applications, namely clinical trials, scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, and announcements in medical congresses. Research activities mainly involve Ultrasound Elastography applications in the Liver and Prostate.


Ultrasonography is a constantly evolving medical technology. Echomed’s educational activity, firstly, involves the continuous education of the Echomed medical staff, through international congresses and online webinars. Furthermore, Echomed is involved in educating clinicians that are interested in expanding their knowledge and learn the secrets of Ultrasonography.

A fully equipped training room in the Echomed facilities is utilized both for the continuous learning of the Echomed medical staff, as well as for the education of clinicians that are interested in Ultrasonography.


Echomed is equipped with premium, state-of-the-art Ultrasound systems that are constantly updated.

  • Aixplorer Mach30 Elite US system by Hologic: a modern state-of-the-art US system, equipped with the latest Elastography technology (ShearWave PLUS) and unique signal processing technology (UltraFast Imaging). The system is specialized in Ultasound examinations of the Liver and the Breast.
  • Aixplorer US system by SuperSonic Imagine: Echomed is equipped with two Aixplorer systems that specialize in the morphologic, hemodynamic and Elastographic study of vessels, the Liver, and the Prostate, as well as in US-guided Prostate biopsies.
  • Resona 7 US system by Mindray: The Resona 7 US system is specialized in the morphologic, hemodynamic and Elastographic study of the upper and lower abdomen organs, in Rectal Ultrasound examinations of the intestine and in Contrast Enhanced UltraSound (CEUS) examinations.
  • Logic9 US system by General Electric: The Logic9 US system is specialized in morphological and hemodynamic examinations of the heart and vessels.
  • Philips IU22 US system: the Philips IU22 US system is specialized in US-guided interventional procedures of the musculoskeletal system.
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